At Unclaimed Web we work hard to build the best websites for our clients.  We never want our clients to feel like they have overpaid for our services.  That's why we allow you to Pay What You Want!

We know this is a bold move in website design.  We want you to be delighted with your website and part of the delight comes from the amount you have paid for it!



Pay What You Want is just for you.  It removes all barriers for you such as getting quotes, checking skill sets, and searching for a web developer.  You simply ask us to build you a website and we do.  You pay the monthly hosting fee because we can't change that.  What we earn for our time and skills is completely up to you!

For us, it saves us agreeing a set price for anything we do.  It helps us because our clients pay us what they want after the job is done.  We never have to chase any fees and it allows us to work doing what we love.



Having a Pay What You Want scheme allows us to focus on what really matters, delivering your website, your way.  Being free of any incentive to sell a product or add an additional service keeps us free from the motivation of money.

Not having to be motivated by money or hitting a set number of sales allows us to remain to do what we do best, being creative.  It's that age-old question "What would you do if you did not have to work for money?"  The reality for us is building websites and pushing our knowledge and understanding.



We survive on what we are given.  What we are given is what we are worth.  What we are worth is a direct result of what a client feels we have done.  Nothing more and nothing less.

We look at web development and design as a work in progress.  When you start with nothing and create something, that something has a value to someone.  Building on that value is how we work with our clients on an ongoing basis.  It's always nice when our clients place their own value on what we have done.



We are sure based on how things are going that our Pay What You Want scheme shall support us well into the future.  We only ever have a small number of clients who view our offer as a free lunch.  The vast majority of our clients choosing to pay us with money and a kind review of Google Places and our Facebook Page.  Never having to chase unpaid bills is where we have always wanted to be.

Offering Pay What You Want gives us that freedom.  It's that freedom of expression that is taking further than we could ever get by having set prices.

Our Last Client Paid For You...

We hope you will pay for our next client and help them to get a website as well designed as yours.

Our Last Client Paid For Your Website. If You Love Your Website Feel Free To Pay Forward For Our Next Client.
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