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We focus on design, usability and functionality of every website we create.  By assisting our clients with all their web development needs we have forged strong relationships with businesses all around the world.

No matter what your web development needs we are happy to listen to your requirements.  We are always around when you need a helping hand. Taking that extra time to explain how, why and when your website will be live.  We take the jargon out of website design.  We are always explain what we do in words you can understand.  .  Claim your space online today with Unclaimed Web and have “Your Website – Your Way!”



Your Idea

In website design, experience is more than just the years spent learning.  We listen to you to ensure we deliver a website you will love to share and show off.  

Designed From Scratch

All our website projects are built from the ground up.  We design around the content you provide.  Adding features, animations, scrolling effects and more.  

Responsive Design

From desktop to tablet and then a Smartphone.  Your website will always put it’s best foot forward no matter what device it’s viewed on!

Free Domain Name

Because we enjoy spreading the love we give you a completely Free Domain Name.  Your FREE Domain Name is registered in your name and address.  It will belong to you!  This is a gift from us to you to say “Thank You” for choosing Unclaimed Web.  Your Domain Name is as important as your own name.  It’s how people let others know more about your website.  

If you already have a Domain Name you can either keep it registered as it is or transfer your domain to us.  We will move you Domain Name FREE of charge and pay your next years Domain Renewal.  We are nice like that.

FREE Domian Name

Your domain name is vital.  It provide a way for people to quickly find your website and see what on your website.

Your Domain Name Is Yours

Because Domain Names are part of your brand,we always register your FREE Domain Name in your name and to your address.

Not Just Another Website

Your Domain Name is not just another website.  It should say something about you, your brand or what you do.

1 Years Free Hosting

Every website needs to be hosted and your website will be hosted on our lightening fast servers.  All our hosting packages are unlimited so you will never get unexpected bill for extra bandwidth.  Because we care deeply about the environment all our servers run on 100% renewable energy. 

All our servers are based right here in the United Kingdom.  We have an impressive track record too.  Our servers have 99.9 uptime.  This means your website is always available when your visitors are ready to see it.

Excellent Uptime Record

It’s no use having a great website if your hosting keeps letting you down.  Our servers have an impressive 99.9% uptime in the last 3 years.

Backed Up Daily

Your website is backed up 4 times each day.  If something did go wrong we can quickly resolve the issue and have you back online again.

We All Have Questions.

Speed is everything, no one want to wait for a website to load.  Our lightening fast servers and clean website design gives you the speed you would expect.

FREE SSL Certificate

Everyone deserves a safer internet.  Our clients demand a safe website experience for their visitors.  That’s why we always provide you a Free SSL Certificate.  This lets the world know your serious about their safety and any information your visitors share with you while they are visiting your website.

Major search engines such as Google are now looking for an active SSL Certificate.  Having an SSL Certificate on your website will help you rank higher in the “Search Engine Results”.  The reason for this is search engines want to provide the best information for their users in a safer and more secure environment.  

SEO Always Included

There is no point creating an amazing website that can’t be found.  That’s why Unclaimed Web always include SEO or “Search Engine Optimisation” in every website project.  Because we build your website from the ground up we incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as we develop every page.

Working with you we will decide on images, text video and other content that help your website rank in the search engines.  By leaving nothing to chance we are sure you be found, seen and remembered for all the right reasons.

We also provide advice on what you need to do to ensure your website can be found in the search engine results.

Our Commitment Never Stops

Working with you our support package is there when you need it.  We strive to go that little bit further to ensure you get the website you want and the support you need.  As a client you are the centre of our world.  We appreciate your business and always endeavor to provide help and assistance when you need it. 

We understand creating and developing your website is not second nature to everyone.  We can provide that pratical support to help you get the best from your website and grow your social media accounts too.  

Tell Us What You Want

While we are probably the best option for your website, creating a website is a team effort.  We like to work closely with you to make sure you get the most from your website.  

At Unclaimed Web we are all bout the questions.  What do you want your website to d0?  Who do you want to see it?  How will you promote your website?  How can you improve that page?  Just like with any website you will need content.  So put thought into your words, images and video.  If you need help with this we are always happy to guide you through the process.  We work with you to create a plan for your website.

We then tick off completed tasks as we go.  This keeps you in the loop and allows you to makes changes too.

Your Website Guide.

We like to provide advice as we work with our clients to ensure they get the right right look and send out the correct message.  This goes far beyond your website.  

Working From A Plan.

We work out a plan with you.  What content are you adding to your website?  What colours will you use?  Will you be adding video?  We tick off completed work as we go. 

We All Have Questions.

Because we create your website from scratch we will need to ask you questions.  This will allow us to create a brief to work from and create a website your visitors will love.

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